The Happy Moments of Our Life

So good to be aliveImagine yourself standing at a point Zero (representing the present), on the left of the point Zero, there are numbers with a negative sign (-) representing the past, and on the right, there are numbers with a positive sign (+) representing the future.

The numbers on the left or on the right are the numbers of moments, hours, days, years, and so on.  So any moment which is already passed is considered as a past, and any moment which didn’t come yet will be considered as a future

Now, at the point Zero there is our present time in which we are living right now, and in which we are experiencing all the joy, happiness and success. These happiness and success is an accumulation of what we have done in the past and what we are doing right now

To live a happy life, we need to concentrate most of our time on the current moment to enjoy it as much as we could, it is our chance to live the life which we really want, to enjoy each moment of our present time

The real art of living is to live the moment with an eye on the past to learn from it, and an eye on the future to plan for it, but the most important is to live our current present time with love, success, and happiness

We should enjoy our present time even while we are remembering the past, or planning for the future, our present time should be pleasant and happy all the times

Most people have no time to enjoy their present. They are either getting so busy at work, or just being feeling sorry for themselves for one reason or another, or just hating themselves and others, or creating problems from nothing.  They are missing these wonderful moments of being happy or having a good time with whom they love.

Many other people just live most of their times in the past, judging themselves for any mistakes they might have done, or crying about a broken love, or any bad event, they just can’t let it go. They are living in a past which they can’t change, and losing their chance to live the wonderful moments of the present

As having many people living in the past, there are many others are living in tomorrow, by thinking fully about tomorrow, they live in a complete fantasy, forgetting that they are losing the joy of today, the joy of the present

Living in the past will make us lose the pleasure of today, and living in the future, will make us again lose the joy of today.

By living in the past or in the future, there will be no time for us to live the life of the present. Our present will be lost between the past and the future, and so our life, it will be lost too.

There will be no happy moments for us to live or to enjoy, we will be losing our precious present, we will be torn between the past and the future, no time will be left for us to enjoy the moment

We can’t cut ourselves off from the past, and we can’t close our eyes from the fact that there will be more days or years to live. So, while we are visiting the past once in a while and while we planning for tomorrow, we should live and enjoy the lovely moment of the present

The real joy of life is to live and to enjoy each moment in life, having dreams, being in love, being successful, being happy with ourselves and with what we do, believing in ourselves and loving ourselves for what we are


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  1. Great post! This is very encouraging to live life with all you have got. Keep up the great work and I wish you all the best.-Chris Thompson

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