Self-Esteem and Its Effect  

Waking up in the morning with a good feeling about yourself, you look at your mirror and you feel happy for no reason except that you love yourself and what you are. This is a good sign that you have a high self-eSelf-Esteemsteem

Self-esteem is simply means how you feel about yourself, how you see yourself as a person, how much you love yourself, how much you respect yourself, how much you love what you do, and how much positive you are.  By feeling good about yourself and about what you do, your self-esteem becomes higher, and by feeling bad, it becomes lower.

Your self-esteem depends basically on you and on what you think and feel about yourself. It is you who make you increase or decrease your self-esteem.

The benefits of a higher self-esteem

With a higher self-esteem you become more proud of yourself and who you are, you will have more energy and more self-confidence that you can be all what you want.

Higher self-esteem will empower you to believe in yourself and that you are a valuable person in many ways. You will feel that you are very special person who loves himself and others, who knows what he wants in life, and how to think and work to get it

You will have a strong self-confidence and self-trust in yourself and in your ability that you can do what you want. You will be calm and relaxed while making your decisions about yourself and your life. You will be a lot less worry about what might happen in the future. You just will be doing your best and accepting the outcome with a happy smile

You will feel that life became a lot easier and simpler by having a higher self-esteem, because you will be doing what you do with a strong belief within you that you can do it, and you will succeed in it.

By having an easier life, you will feel happier, relaxed, and successful in what you do, life will be so nice. You will be more comfortable with yourself. Your good feeling about yourself will be stronger and stronger, and this in turn will raise your self-esteem higher and higher

Your love for yourself will encourage you to take care of your health and your life, by eating healthy and doing what is good for you

You will value your life, and will stop any bad habits you might have. You will see life from the positive and successful side. You will never do what might hurt you in any way

Your mind will think wiser, and make the right decisions which will benefit you in the present and in the future

You will have a full control of your life, despite the opinion of others, you will be doing what you feel is good for you, not what others want you to do. You will be your own person, using your own mind to live your own life, the way you like

With a high self-esteem you will be the real you, the successful and happy you.  In simple words, to have a good life, you must love yourself, accept yourself, value yourself, feel proud for what you are, be the real you, do your best and accept the outcome with a happy smile.