Purification of the Soul and the Mind

LovSoul and Mind 2e, Happiness, good Health and Success are what all of us love to have.  This comes by having a happy Soul, a wise Mind, and a loving Heart.

By purifying our Soul and Mind from all the bad and the negative thoughts, we will be doing what makes us happy, successful, healthy, and in love with ourselves and the whole life

Removing the bad and promoting the good 

The bad and the good are within our Soul, both are there, and we have the choice to promote in different degrees either one, and to demote or dismantle the effect of the other one.  The promoters of the good will be successful and the promoters of the bad will suffer greatly in life

To accomplish the promotion of the good, the Mind which is a hidden tool for the Soul to use, will control the desire of the Soul.  Depending on the power of the control, the desire of the Soul will be done or not done by the Body

The Soul is our real self, has the desires and the needs, it can run wild without a limitation.  It can drive us to a lot of bad situations.

The Soul must be controlled by the Mind.  Not each desire by the Soul should be accomplished by the Body. The Mind should filter each desire, accept or reject or modify the desire of the Soul.

The Soul may be improved with an attachment to a belief, a good belief which helps the Soul to be in peace and satisfied, disregarding whatever happens.

The Soul initiates our inner desires, satisfaction, feelings and emotions. The Soul needs to feel relaxed. This will have a reflection on the Mind and the Body which will be relaxed too.

The Soul needs to be trained on satisfaction and patience, this can be done by the help of the Mind, and its controlling effect on the Soul’s needs and desires.

The Soul is mainly us, in other words, we are a Soul, using a Body to move around in life.  Attached to the Soul is the Mind which we use to think, to reason and to decide.

Purification the Soul

The improvement of the Soul, is done by purifying the Soul from all bad desires, bad feelings, to accept the good and reject the bad. This can be done by improving the Mind’s ability to control the desires of the Soul, and to empower the good desires and dismantle the effect of the bad desires

Strong attachment to a good belief

The Soul should be attached to a good belief to keep it from getting lost in the unknown space of life without place to go to, or good goals to accomplish.

The good attachment will make the Soul feels that it is connected all the time to something good and it will find support and help in the time of need.

This attachment will help in keeping the Soul concentrating on the good desires and dismantle the bad ones or make it easier to be controlled by the Mind.

The effect of Soul and the Mind on each other

Although the Mind is a tool for the Soul, but if the Mind is very strong and powerful and equipped with knowledge, experience and determination, it will have a strong effect on the desires of the Soul, and subsequently will help in promoting the good side of the Soul, and reduce the bad side.

This will help in purifying the Soul and improving its function which will add satisfaction and relaxation and in turn will make the Mind more powerful and the Body healthier.  It is a cycle, the effect will be in different directions not only in one direction.

Improving the Soul and Mind will improve the behaviors which in turn improve the whole life of the person.

With a good highly improved capable Mind, the desires of the Soul will be controlled and only the good ones will become an action.

With the time and the repetitions of rejecting the bad desires and blocking its activity to become an action, the bad desires will become inactive, and will gradually lose its power and its need to be fulfilled.

The human has desires, to accomplish these desires, the person follows specific behaviors to reach the desired goal. These behaviors sometimes have a bad effect on the person and the people around him or her.To eliminate the bad effects, these behaviors related to the bad desires should be eliminated.

The elimination of the behaviors will be accomplished by controlling their source which is the bad desire itself.  This control can be done by providing the Mind with education and knowledge to be able to make the good judgment before acting on any desire.

Therefore; with a good, educated, knowledgeable, and wise Mind, the good desires will be accomplished and the bad desires will not have any place in the Soul or the Mind of the person. Life will be happier, successful, healthier, and filled with love