Self-Motivation and Success

Life funEach human action needs a human mental energy to be accomplished. This human mental energy is generated by having strong motive within our soul and mind. This strong motive is generated by having strong desire to accomplish something which we really want or need.

Therefore, we should have a desire inside of us to accomplish something, no matter how small or large. This desire should be strong enough and rooted deep in our mind in order to generate enough constant power of self generated motivation, which subsequently will motivate us to keep working smart and hard to accomplish what we want.

Type of desires

The desires differ depending on each individual’s needs, which can range from basic needs such as food and shelter, to more complicated objectives and goals. Whatever the desire is, basic or not, it will need an action from us in order to be accomplished.

While the basic needs are already occupying our mind and we feel it all the times, therefore, our mind is already motivated to look for food and shelter and making sure that we will have the food and shelter which we need for now and for the future too.

This type of basic desires or needs don’t need too much energy to create motivation, the motivation is already strong within us to look for food and shelter, otherwise, we will die.

On the other hand, we have many other desires and objectives which are not essential for survival, but we need it to improve our life in many ways

The most needed important desires

  •  Good health
  •  Good income
  •  Happy love
  •  Happy life

Believing strongly that we really need to have a good health, a good income, a happy love, and a happy life, this belief will make our mind mentally prepared and completely convinced that we must accomplish these desires and needs.

This mentally prepared mind will generate the power to motivate us to do all what we could to accomplish what we want

Creation of human desire

The initiation or the creation of desires inside of us starts by either having an internal feeling that we want to do something or have something, or by desiring to do like what other do.

Whatever the desire is, it will generate a power of motivation within us to empower us to do what we must do to accomplish such desire.

So, the desire will generate the motive, the strength of the motive will depend on how strong is the desire.

Therefore, to be able to accomplish what you want, you need to generate a strong desire within you, this desire will generate the motive which will empower you to start accomplishing what you want