Internal, External Motivation and Success

The strength of motivation for success depends on what motivates us. The motive can be an internal motive, or an external motive.  The internal motive such as our inner desire to do something because we like to do it, it is an inner motive created within us, without any outside reason, except our internal satisfaction, without looking or thinking about any rewards.

On the other hand, the external motive such as our desire to seek fame, good income, and an easy life, is a motive created by our desire to seek a reward in life for what we are doing

As we see, the internal motive seeks an inner satisfaction, an inner happiness, an inner feeling of success.  But, the external motive seeks power, money, publicity, fame, and the feeling of being important

The power of motivation will be stronger when it comes from inside us, without looking for an outside rewards, such as money and so on.

The motivation which is created by our internal motives to do something we like, will make us do all of our best to do what we want with perfection and excellence.  Our mind will be in a complete concentration on our objective which we strive hard to accomplish

The inner motive is empowered by our strong believe in what we do, and our real love for doing it. It is already fixed in our soul and mind that we want to do it, only because we love to and want to.

The strong inner motive will make us be almost perfect in all what we do. We will be deeply knowledgeable and expert in our field. We will keep improving ourselves to be on the top, and to satisfy ourselves and our real love for what we believe in.

It is good to have both types of motives, the internal and external motive, but, the internal motive must be the dominant and the stronger motive than the external motive, so we will stay concentrating on self improvement, self empowerment, self success, without getting distracted by the external life’s rewards, which might take our mind away from our main objective to excel in what we are doing

Depending only on the external motive will create people who are interested only in life’s rewards such as money, power, and so on, not in the quality of what they do. They will lose the loving touch with what they do

So, the motivation from inside is what energizes us all the times to do our best to accomplish what we love and what we believe so deeply in, not for money or fame, but for love and self-satisfaction