How to Succeed in Life

field of poppies brandenburgThe true success in life is to have a peace of mind, being satisfied with what you are, happy with what you are doing, have someone you love to share life with, have a good health, and being able to provide for yourself and your family’s needs

Having a peace of mind

The peace of mind is reached by freeing our mind from what makes us worry. This can be accomplished simply by the followings

  • Have a plan to live by
  • Have a things-to-do list for things you need to do everyday
  • Mind your own business. Never interfere in other people’s business
  • Know the people you are involved with, chose wisely
  • Waste no time on the nonsense issues
  • Have no time for arguing or fighting
  • Resolve your problems as they come
  • Do today what must be done today, never postpone to a later date
  • Organize yourself, your work, your plans, and your thoughts
  • Use your time wisely for what is good for you
  • Always have time for yourself to review yourself and to review what you are doing
  • Have time for reflection, and for inspiring yourself
  • Purify your mind from any hate for anybody
  • Feel comfortable with yourself, feel relaxed, and smile a lot
  • Look to the positive side of life, and think the positive thinking
  • Always think success, love, and happiness

By following the above simple behaviors, your mind will be relaxed, comfortable, peaceful, has no problems to think about. You will have a peace of mind and an ability to think clearly, constructively, and positively. You will be a real happy and very successful in life

Being satisfied with what you are

The self satisfaction is reached by doing what makes us happy from the inside and the outside, what makes us feel so good, feel valuable to ourselves and to others

In simple words, the self satisfaction can be reached by the followings

  • Improve yourself to be more valuable to yourself and to others
  • Empower yourself with more knowledge
  • Do what makes you proud of yourself
  • Do what is good and never do what is bad
  • Help yourself and others as much as you could
  • Never hurt anybody
  • Be the person of love and peace
  • Be nice and kind to yourself and to others

Being happy with what you are doing

Success in life comes by being happy with what we are doing. When we love what we do we will do our work a lot better, more efficient and on time. In addition we will not just do what is required from us, but we will be more creative and more productive, which in turn will make us more successful in our work and in our life. So, being happy with what you are doing, by itself is a success.

Having someone to share life with

Having someone we love is a part of being successful in life, it will make our life more happier, will make us able to think better, to work better, and to succeed more and more

Having a good health

Good health makes us really feel successful. It is so good to be healthy, able to move, and to do what we wish to do in life. But, the person who has medical problems can be very successful too as long as he or she has the will and the determination to overcome any disability he or she may have, by doing what they could to be valuable and successful

Being able to provide for yourself and your family’s needs

It is an important part of success to be able to have enough income to support yourself and your family. By being able to work, you will feel successful and happy that you are capable to provide food, shelter, and others needs for you and for your family. This by itself is a real sign that you are a real success

So, the success comes from us, by doing what is right for us without hurting ourselves or anyone

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