How to lose weight

Healthy foodBeing overweight causes a lot of health problems such heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and others.

Everyday many men and women decide to participate in a weight lose program or decide to use their own plan to reduce their weight, but unfortunately most of them could not keep on, and they go back to their old way in eating habit.

The reason for stopping might be the lack of motive, or a lack of self-control, or inability to get used to the new habit of eating healthy and exercising, unaware of the health problem of being over-weight, or simply being lazy.  Whatever the reason is, the final picture is a person who tried to help him or herself, but wasn’t capable to keep it up

For any weight-lose plan to be effective it must be based on the followings:

A-   Mental preparation and Self-Motivation
B-   A Good healthy food plan
C-   Aerobic exercise

 Mental preparation and Self-Motivation

  1. Knowing and understanding the health side effect of being overweight, and that overweight may cause a high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, a heart attack, stroke,  Cancer, and others
  2. Be convinced completely that by being overweight the person will be at a real risk of getting a very serious medical problems
  3. Initiating a very strong choice within you that either to change your eating and living habits or face a slow early death
  4. Prepare your mind to accept the new fact, that you must change your way of living. Concentrate on your mind, go deeply in your imagination, imagine yourself getting too fat, can’t move around, in addition imagine yourself on the hospital’s bed trying to save your life from multiple health problems without any success. Think deep, to let your mind be completely convinced that you must do something to help yourself
  5. After preparing yourself mentally, you need to generate a powerful motive to energize you to continue in your plan as long as you are living. The motive here is to prevent yourself from getting sick, and to feel better about yourself and your life.

Now, the mind is prepared to the degree of never thinking of any food which might hurt you, the mind will recognize what is good for you to eat, and will discourage you from even thinking about trying any other food which might hurts you.

The motive for starting your healthy plan to lose weight is already established within your mind, and all you need is to follow your mind to continue in your plan


A Good healthy food plan

In simple words, our body needs food and water to survive and to function, but when we eat MORE than we need, we GAIN weight, and when we eat LESS than we need we LOSE weight. Very simple and easy to understand

Without going in many complicated explanation about each food and the calories in each food which we eat, let’s just simplify the issue and decide what we should eat, and what we should NOT eat, but let’s first give a quick idea about the calories as followings

  • The regular body needs about 2000 to 2500 calories a day to function normally, the overweight person will need more calories
  • Each one gram protein, or one gram carbohydrate produces 4 calories
  • Each one gram fat produces 9 calories
  • Each 3500 calories which are not used by the body, will add one pound increase in the body weight
  • Each 3500 calories used will reduce the body weight by one pound

As you see, eating more food with a lot of calories without doing enough activity or exercise to burn all the calories, will cause an increase in the body weight

So our plan now is to know how much weight we want to lose weekly, let’s say one pound loss a week, this pound is equal to 3500 calories. This means we want to reduce our intake calories which we eat by 3500 calories a week, or about 500 calories per day reduction in our eaten food which contains these 500 calories.

Knowing the fact that Vegetable contain a lot of the very important nutrition and the least calories and a lot of fibers, this should get our serious attention to eat more vegetables from all colors, so we can get nutrition without gaining weight

The easy way to have a good balance in our meals is to use the 2:1:1 method, which is our plate should contain 50% by weight Vegetables. 25% Carb, and 25% protein, the drink should be water, and the dessert should be fruit.

What we should NOT eat to lose weight

  • No sugar
  • No soda
  • No commercial juice
  • No any processed food containing sugar, or fat
  • No Potatoes chips
  • No Cigarettes

Food to be reduced

  • Reduce Honey
  • the fruit which contain a lot of sugar (search the internet about the fruit you eat)
  • salt
  • Milk, use only skim milk with no fat
  • Reduce the Saturated fat to less than 10% of your daily planned calories suitable for your weight
  • Reduce your Unsaturated fat to less than 20% of your daily planned calories suitable to you weight
  • Reduce or stop your coffee

Eat mostly at home or take your healthy lunch with you to work, to make sure that you are following the rules of your weight loss plan

Food to eat

  • A lot of vegetables, different kinds with different colors
  • Fruit which contains the least sugar in it, try to search the internet to get the nutrition content
  • Skinless chicken breast, about 4-6 ounces daily, boiled, or grilled, Never fried
  • Olive oil, about one table spoon daily with your salad

 Aerobic Exercise

A daily aerobic exercise or fast walking for about 30 minutes daily

You may buy small scale to measure the quantity of food to eat, to make sure that every meal contains 50%  of vegetable, 25%protein, and 25% carbohydrate. Part of The 25% protein may be found in various kind of beans, or lentils, so, it doesn’t have to be all of it from  poultry source

Each morning record your weight to observe your progress, and do any required modification in your food to reduce or increase your daily weight.

The success of your weight loss plan depends on you and you alone, think how good you will feel when you get free from the extra weight which you really don’t want.  Always encourage yourself to keep going in your plan, feel happy for what you are doing, feel that you can free yourself from what may hurt you and may cause you a lot of sickness and misery later in life.

Start now to be the new you, the successful, the determined, and the happy you

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