How to improve your self-esteem

With a high self-esteem, life becomes beautiful, simpler, easier, and happier.  Self-esteem is the reflection of what you feel about yourself. A Higher or a lower self-esteem depends on higher or lower your feeling about yourself.

To improve your self-esteem, you need to know who you are, what you want, how you value yourself as a person, how you express yourself freely in a positive way, and how you talk with yourself to empower y48973131-happy-young-casual-woman-hugging-herself-with-natural-emotional-enjoying-face-love-concept-by-yourseourself from the inside and to appreciate yourself and what you are doing

The followings will guide you on your way to improve your self-esteem

  • Know who you are and what you want

Many people go in life without specific objective or direction. They have no real idea about what they really want. They just do whatever life brings to them, not what they want to have, because they don’t know what kind of life they really want.

Knowing yourself, will help you to discover your talents, these talents will be polished by the skills which you have learned from different sources during your life, or by the skills which you might learn later on.

You might discover for example that you have a musical talent, and that you feel good when you play music, so you will just learn the skills of how to develop your musical talent, these skills might be learned in school, private teacher, or by watching others, or on your own.

By knowing how to do it and by a lot of practice, you will have a powerful skill for using your talent which you naturally have.  This talent and the skills you have will make you feel so good about yourself, and this good feeling about yourself will raise your self-esteem and your self-confidence, and will make your life a lot easier and happier.

  • Acquire more skills to make you feel good about yourself

Learning more skills in addition to your job, will make you able to do other things beside your regular job, and will open more opportunities for you, and will make you feel good when you use your skills to do other things in life, such as cooking at home, do small repairs around the house, taking care of your car, fixing your computer, and so on.

Having more skills will make you more valuable to yourself and will increase your self-satisfaction and your self-esteem

  • Know your value (right and wrong)

Since your birth, you have acquired a set of values about what is right and what is wrong from your family, other people, school, or by watching the TV and movies.

The values you have acquired are already inside your mind and have a strong effect on your behaviors in life,  so by doing something different from your established values, you might start feeling within your mind an inner-conflict between what should and what should not. You might start judging yourself and blaming yourself for doing what you should not have done

Judging yourself will hurt you badly and will make you feel bad about yourself, and in turn your self-esteem will become lower.

It is very important, not to judge yourself in a negative way. You might evaluate yourself to do better, but not to punish yourself

Always think highly of yourself, and be in love with yourself and with your life

  • Talk to yourself

Talk to yourself with an affirmation which is a positive statement about yourself which empowers your self-esteem.

The affirmation statement must be positive, in the present tense, visualized, and is repeated too often. Visualization while you are talking to yourself will make you imagine yourself that you became what you are saying, and will make it easier for you to be what you want

Keep saying and repeating the followings to yourself

I feel good

I feel happy

I feel healthy

I am healthy

I look so good

I am doing a good job

I am successful

I love who I am

I have the power to be all what I like

I create my own success

I respect myself and what I do

I love and accept myself the way I am

I love my life

I love the whole world

I am very special

I am my own star

I look wonderful

I am happy with myself

I think positive all the times

I trust myself

I am proud of who I am

I value myself

I appreciate myself and what I do

I have a peace of mind

Each phrase is a positive phrase, stating what you feel about yourself in the present.  With enough concentration, you can visualize yourself that you really are what you are saying, and with a repetition, what you are saying will modify your mind to make you become what you are saying.  You will have a higher self-esteem and more success in your life and in all what you

It is you, with your positive thinking about yourself, you will change yourself to be a lot better, more successful, and happier.