How to Be Happy and Stay Happy

Happiness is the wonderful feeling which we feel inside our soul, heart, and mind. It is the moments of joy which make us smile, laugh, and see the whole world happy around us.

This happiness might be initiated from our within and from our natural attitude of being positive, loving, or having a strong belief so deep inside our soul.

It can be caused also by external causes such as falling in love with someone, having many friends, or getting something we want or being rich or healthy, or a combination of internal and external causes

The feeling of happiness can be natural from the soul and the heart, but in some situations there are a fake happiness which is caused by drinking and illegal drugs and other similar substance. The fake happiness is short in length and dangerous in its effect on the mind and the body, and must be avoided at all costs.

Creation of Happiness:

To create our own happiness, we have to believe strongly that life is short and we have the choice to live it happily or miserably.

The important factor which might help us in making our decision to live happily is noticing our feeling when we are happy. We will feel comfortable, enjoying what we see, easy to smile and to laugh, easy to think and to decide. Everything around us will be seen in a positive way with a loving feeling. On the contrary, the sad feeling will make our life so difficult, filled with sadness, fear, worry, and negativity

Taking a decision to be happy involves two parts:

  • Internally generated happiness
  • Externally produced happiness.

Internally Generated Happiness:

Although, it is good to be happy due to internal or external sources, but it is very important and more effective to depend almost fully on our own internally generated happiness to secure that we will stay happy as long as we are living, without depending on any external sources which may not stay for long, such as love, wealth, friends, position, or other means

To generate an internal source of happiness, the following steps should be taken:

  • Believing that life is short and there is no time to waste on being sad ¬†or worry
  • Once in a while cry a little if you want to, to vent out the pressure which you may have for losing a dear one
  • Create an internal mechanism within your mind to stop you from going back to your sad moments of the past and instead direct your soul and mind to live the moment and to plan for a happy tomorrow
  • Look at things with a positive mind and a loving heart
  • Always see something good in everything you see
  • Capture the moments and enjoy it without a limit
  • Never give space for hate inside your heart or your mind
  • Smile a lot, laugh, and enjoy
  • Never envy anyone
  • Appreciate what you have
  • Never stop loving yourself and your life

Externally Produced Happiness:

External happiness should represent a small part of your overall happiness, to prevent yourself from getting a reverse effect or getting hurt in any way

The external produced happiness is caused mainly by falling in love, getting rich, having good friends, social life, and so on.

Depending fully on the external causes of happiness might result in a very bad effect on you later in life when you have no one to enjoy time with. Therefore, it is very important to depend mostly or fully on your own generated happiness which will stay with you as long as you live.

How to Stay Happy:

To stay happy, you simply should keep empowering your internal sources of happiness, by loving yourself, improving your positivity, believing in yourself, and enjoying each minute of your life, by smiling and laughing a lot, by believing that life is short and you must enjoy it as much as you can, resolve any problem you may have as soon as possible, be in peace with yourself and others, and most important never depend fully on an external source to make you happy. Depend almost fully on yourself